Professor Mark Reeson RPP FAPM PMP AfCGI: Changing the World, One Person at a Time

As a follow up to Mark’s original talk on his work in Saudi Arabia around the development of sustainability and the use of his Smart Model, he returns to see us again with an update to what has now changed and how the future looks after he recently completed the project.
We will receive an insight into the two and a half years he spent in Saudi Arabia developing his new approach and a new exciting venture that has lead from this project, his Community Smart Programme.
This advent into social sustainability and how this attitude shift by the Saudi Government will now change the lives of so many people in the future, is a key step towards a brighter and more prosperous future.
An enhancement on his original Smart Model, Mark will explain the six key factors that can create a Smart Community and how this has transformed the approach towards Smart City Solutions, where he now advises the local and national government offices.
This journey of discovery and transformation will open new avenues to all that attend and will attempt to change your mind about modernisation and digitization in the Western World. After Mark’s brief evening with us, he will be flying off the following morning to the Scientists Convention in Riga, Latvia before then departing for a week of meetings about the introduction of the Community Smart Programme in the United States of America.
Mark will close the evening by sharing with us the latest area that the Community Smart Programme has proposed change in a very highly charged and emotive subject currently in the United States.
In our short time with Mark, we can share the challenges we have found with digitalization and what the impact has been having on our working environments and perhaps how this new approach towards Design Thinking and Solution Development may help us all in the future.

Professor Mark Reeson FAPM RPP PMP AfCGI is an award winning International Strategic Project Management and Saudi Smart Cities Government Adviser with over thirty years’ experience. An ex-military serviceman of twenty four years, he has created a new career in this field with work in over 150 countries through lecturing, presenting and delivering projects. His experience ranges from nuclear clear out projects, on to sustainable solution development, then further to humanitarian education programmes and international sporting event management and now into a new dimension in social sustainability, the Community Smart Programme.

Wir freuen uns auf einen schönen Abend mit Euch und hoffen auf Euer zahlreiches Erscheinen.

Viele Grüße,
Anne, Anna, Bettina, Daniela, Katja und Natalie