Besuch des Schauspiels “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
A play by Edward Albee

You are cordially invited to George and Martha's for an evening of fun and games.

George and Martha are as far from the bourgeois 1950s perfect married couple as you can get, alternatively badgering, criticizing, abusing and loving each other, both alone and accompanied by the naive young married couple that have come over for a nightcap. The fun and games in which George and Martha involve Nick and Honey are a tormenting look at the older couple's existence, and a troubling preview of what the younger couple's life could become. It's a night of bared souls, misfired lust and spiritual cannibalism. It lasts until the dawn when the exorcism is complete.

Theatergoers are destined to leave the theatre feeling like winners, shaken but stirred by the satisfaction that comes from witnessing one helluva fight. New York Times